Feature Overview

Product Filter (E-Commerce)

What is it?

A product filter is a tool that allows your customers to filter, search, and quickly get to the products that meet their needs.

In the figure below, the product filter on the left side allows customers to filter based on attributes such as color, shirt-size, price, etc.

Why is this valuable?

When product filters are used well, they dramatically shorten the time it takes for customer to find what they’re looking for and increase sales.

It creates an enjoyable buying experience and makes the customer want to buy even more things from you.

What's included?

We’ll setup your storefront with a product filter with a custom set of attributes.

We’ll work with you to determine what the best attributes are for your products and tag those products accordingly.

Do I need it?

For the best return on your money here, product filters are best suited for storefronts with a moderate number (20+) of products or products that can be classified in different ways such as color or style.

Small storefronts can get by with a simple search field or having their products divided into pages. We can always add this functionality onto an existing storefront later on.

Careful though, the more time customers are spending searching for your products, the less likely they are to make a final purchase.

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