Carolina Creative Center

Who They Are

Cary/Carolina Creative Center is a non-profit in Cary.

Their mission is to turn recycled materials into beautiful arts and crafts. They were facing a very turbulent time, not just within the organization, but their website/hosting as well.

We stepped in to answer their questions and provide solutions of our own.

What We Did

Saved Hundreds in Hosting Costs

We untangled the technical issues with their previous site and helped them migrate from Host Gator to our own platform saving them from paying a costly annual subscription.

Delivered Under a Tight Deadline.

Created a simple, but professional brochure website within a 48-hour deadline to avoid paying an recurring hosting fee and avoid an interruption in hosting service.

Help Establish Strategic Partnerships

Establish strategic partnerships with textile recycling companies in the area to create a stable source of revenue so they can rebuild towards the future.

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Website Design


Website Hosting

Strategic Partnerships

Their Words

SymplyDone was wonderful to work with. It was a very smooth transition from our existing platform.  We appreciated their quick response to our needs.

Cary Creative Center
Betsy Dassau - Cary, NC

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