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TransData Teams with Symply Done to Triple Leads and Increase Page Views By 400%

Established a More Efficient Sales Funnel

Structuring a Sales Funnel

We set them up for success by developing organized lead-generating strategies and establishing structured processes for closing sales.

Increased Sales by 50%, Qualified Leads by 3x

Strengthening Their Brand

We created their entire brand-identity including logos, social media accounts, a YouTube channel, and an online marketing plan that increased sales by 50%

Saved 2-3% on Each Online Sale

More than Marketing

We saved 2-3% on each sale by creating a new e-commerce storefront and configuring it to correctly calculate sales tax based on location.

Engineering For Success

Blue Flash Solutions is a software company based in Sanford NC. The flagship project, TRANSDATA Platform, is a data analytics tool that transforms and manipulates data through a graphical interface. After spending two years in development, they were finally ready to launch.

Their website and marketing efforts weren’t making an impact on the local market. They looked for a local solution that they could turn to for both marketing and business guidance. After looking at a few different options, they chose Symply Done to bolster their marketing efforts.

Through a combination of inbound marketing and growth driven design, we were able to increase their page views by 400% and qualified leads by 300%

Make Sales Easier By Giving People Information They Need

After getting a launchpad website up and running, we turned our attention towards their solidifying their marketing efforts. Our goal has been to get them towards spending more time providing information and attracting clients, while spending less time and money on marketing buys and advertising. This included devising Buyer Personas for their different market segments.

Our goal has been to get them towards spending more time providing information and attracting clients, while spending less time and money on marketing buys and advertising.

We spent a great deal of time understanding how to effectively market towards their two main verticals: Pharma and Finance.

After establishing those, we were able to devise targeted marketing plans to reach key economic buyers within those markets. Most notably is a on-going consulting-focused blog and monthly data-clinic. This attracts the right type of businesses with pain-points that Transdata can effectively solve.

Adrian and the rest of his employees have done an excellent job of creating a compelling website for Blue Flash Solutions. They are providing continuing services so we can better use social media marketing. They made complicated tasks, more simple which is appreciated. We will grow to success with SymplyDone. Thanks, for a job well done.

Blue Flash Solutions
Matt Sakurada - Sanford, NC

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