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Buying vs. Leasing


What does 'buying' a website look like?

‘Buying’ means you’re selecting a fixed-price contract. We deliver a certain amount of ‘website’ for a  given blueprint at a certain price. That price is paid for during the course of the project with a percentage being due at each phase.

Leasing To Own

You can lease websites?

Sure can. ‘Leasing-To-Own’ (LTO) means that you’re paying only a portion of the full amount for the blueprint. Then on a monthly basis you pay a setup fee and after six months, you own the website outright or upgrade once more. This is a great option for making a website more affordable without sacrificing quality.



  • You own the website at the end of the process and can host it anywhere you wish.
  • You have the right to modify it whenever and however you want. Be gentle though.

Leasing To Own

  • Lower installments and a manageable down payment.
  • You can own a better website for less money each month.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance, updates, and first-class hosting for free to customers paying a certain amount each month.
  • If you plan to upgrade the website to keep up with the latest trends, this is an inexpensive way to do so.

Which is Right For Me?

Buying is right for you...

If you have the cash on hand to pay for it outright.

If you must have it hosted somewhere that’s not us.

If you’re integrating it into already established systems hosted on your servers.

Leasing is right for you...

If you’re just starting out but have a healthy cashflow…

If you revamp your website every year…

If you’re looking for something affordable but still professional…

If you’re not sure, as always, just schedule an appointment and we’ll talk things over.

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