What is Symply Done?

Marketing That's Done Right.

At its core, Symply Done is a group of talented local individuals who get marketing-related projects ‘done’ for local businesses.

Our Story

Symply Done was founded in 2015 to help local business owners understand and improve their marketing operation.

Our clients own successful businesses, large and small, from law firms to financial advising agencies. But they all have one thing in common: they’re busy people with not enough time in the day.

These business owners (or their staff) simply don’t have the time or know-how to build a quality website or run an effective marketing operation.

But they know what quality looks like…and they’d rather not put their brand’s reputation in the hands of the receptionist or a niece who picked up a few WiX classes.

That’s what we’re here for. We here to make sure your brand reaches the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

It’s a simple concept with powerful results.

Our clients have increased their call volume and increased the quality of their online leads by focusing on the right marketing channels to reach their ideal clients.

Interview with BusinessMakers, USA

Check out an interview for BusinessMakers USA with Symply Done’s founder, Adrian DeGraff back in February.

Why Choose Us?

We’re 100% locally owned and operated here in Apex, NC. We work personally with clients on a consultative basis to prescribe solutions based on the real problems that a business owner faces.

We measure the success of our marketing, not solely by “likes” and “shares” but by the success of your business.

We’re accredited with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau as well as certified in several disciplines of digital marketing.  We were named one of the top design agencies in the local area for 2017 by UpCity.com.

Symply Done SEMrush Digital Marketing Certification        Symply Done HubSpot Inbounbd Marketing Certification        Symply Done Google AdWords Certification        

Our Team

Adrian DeGraffenreidt

Principal Consultant

Adrian DeGraffenreidt is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Symply Done. He has been establishing and managing successful marketing departments for local small businesses in North Carolina since Symply Done was founded in 2015 and has a background in Enterprise Software Engineering.

Tiffany DeGraffenreidt

Project Manager

Tiffany’s special expertise is in project planning, oversight, and validation for high visibility complex projects. Esteemed relationship manager, change agent, mentor, and decision maker is known for identifying value-add solutions to critical business and clinical trial challenges.

Gustavo Plazas

Marketing Manager

Gustavo Plazas serves as our Marketing Manager. He puts the client’s needs before his own to make sure the best possible work is given, and the best possible relationship established.  He is an eight-year veteran of the Army, student of art, lover of creativity, and passionate about setting a new standard to professionalism.

Austin Turner

Chief Of Staff

Austin C Turner is our Chief of Staff, responsible for coordinating our internal and external resources for our projects. He is a four-year veteran of the Marines and is solely dedicated to the advancement of the company and his clients. Thriving in a team environment, Austin will do whatever is necessary to ensure the job is completed and satisfactory. -Semper Fidelis

Tyler Shanley

Senior Web Designer

Tyler is the Senior Web Designer at Symply Done. Joining our team in January of 2016, he has since been crafting personalized and responsive websites for our clients where he enjoys aligning his creative expression with the client’s vision in addition to providing SEO services and graphic design work. Outside of work his passions include drumming, aviation, and building computers.



Dixie joined Symply Done in 2016 along with her owner Tyler. Some of her regular office duties include morale support and performing the occasional trick.

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